About MarkRogers.US Web Site


Currently I'm in the process of a total re-write of this site. Many sections and features have yet to be added. It's a time consuming effort to switch from WebForms to MVC. I think it will be worth it.

This site is built entirely using Microsoft products and associated technologies. Originally it was done entirely using ASP.NET WebForms with custom server controls and user controls. However, some of the older code didn't work when the server was upgraded to Windows Server 2012. It's now built using:

The site responsive to most browsers and devices by using the Bootstrap CSS Framework. It allows the pages to dynamically scale and display differently as needed. I'm still perfecting it as the site progresses.

Custom Coding

As part of this site several .NET MVC HTML Helper Extension Methods were developed. They primarily focused on generating HTML for images and links. Another .NET Library used for common tasks for strings. Both are available for download. ASP.NET MVC HTML Helper Library and DotNetText in C# Extension Methods

Server Configuration

This site is hosted at Arvixe with the following features:

Arvixe is a very reliable company. I don't know of my site going off-line in years. They are easy to work with and their support is awesome, but rarely needed. I tend to buy local and Arvixe is not too far away. I'm happy to business with them. Their services are very cost effective. Many companies charge much, much more for a service that does not compare to Arvixe. So much for my sales pitch for people I have never met in person.